Feminine Empowerment Expert, Intimacy and Sexuality Educator, Author, and Speaker.

Helping women feel sexy, confident, and empowered in all aspects of their lives.

It's important for me to emphasize that you can feel sexy and confident and empowered even if you're no longer young and your body isn't perfect.
Feeling sexy is something within yourself and everyone can learn to feel it.

We are not meant to strive to be perfect. You have to learn to love yourself as you are, and when you are able to, it will shine through and we will be able to attract the things and people we deserve.

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25 years ago Hanne wrote her first book (a crime novel). Since then she has written 7 books in different genres, all published in Denmark. Personal development, women's fiction and provocative romance. 

In her upcoming book, The River Of Life, she has mixed all three genres and written in English to ensure that the book will reach a much wider audience.

In her novels, Hanne mixes fiction with experiences from her own life, and it's always fun for readers to guess what's real and what's fiction!

Hanne is a Danish businesswoman and mother of 3. She lives in a lovely apartment in a new part of Copenhagen overlooking the beautiful canals. She loves to travel, experience nature and meet new people, and has traveled all over Europe and loves to drive around the US.


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1. What is the meaning behind the title of this series "The River of Life?"
2. Was the character inspired by a real person? If so, who?
3. What was the most surprising thing you learned about yourself while creating this book?
4. What is your favorite part of the book?
5. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
6. Where do you draw inspiration from as a writer?
7. These books follow a thread of resiliency and overcoming obstacles. Why is this theme meaningful and important to you?
8. What do you think the main message is that everyone should take away from your book?
9. Where can people find you, and learn more about you online? (website, social media channels)
10. Are you currently working on anything that you would like to share with your readers?


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