I wrote "The River of Life - Staying Afloat" as a tribute to women who have struggled in life but are dreaming of rising and finding themselves and their way along the River of Life.

"The River of Life - Staying Afloat" can be read as a love story where the reader focuses on the main character and the men in her life. But it can also be read in a deeper way, focusing on how the main character, the very tall Hannah, manages to stay afloat in a life that would cause many to sink to the bottom. With the help and guidance of her mentor and grandmother figure, she manages not only to stay afloat but also to take control of her life.

In "The River of Life - Staying Afloat", the reader gets an insight into the methods she uses to move forward in her life and not get stuck in the past.

"The River of Life" also contains an important element on female sexuality, and the book enables the reader to understand the importance of getting in touch with their femininity and sexuality in order to gain more confidence and strength.       




Unlock your true potential 
will provide you with all the methods you need to unlock your true potential and use your common sense in a slightly different way.

BUG method - helps you let go of baggage from the past.

ZAP method - keeps you moving and prevents you from getting stuck.

The WOW Method - gives you self-awareness and enables you to tap into your femininity and achieve Happy High Status.

Using the methods will help you tap into your unique feminine power, embrace your sensuality, boost your self-esteem, activate your self-love and unlock your true potential, while giving you the key to creating a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.


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