Hello, how are you? I'm Hanne Buggild, a bestselling Author and a Feminine Empowerment Expert and an Intimacy and Sexuality Educator.

My slogan is: Sexy, confident and empowered! And YOU can be too if you follow a few simple methods.

I help women feel sexy, confident, and empowered in all aspects of their lives. I do this through my exclusive training called "The Sensual Mastery Method", designed to help you tap into your unique feminine power, embrace your sensuality, boost your self-esteem, activate your selflove, and unlock your true sexual potential while giving you the key to creating a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

I wrote my first book twenty-five years ago (a crime novel). Since then, I have written seven books in different genres, all published in Denmark: personal development, women’s fiction, and provocative romance.

Many years ago, I learned to connect with my inner diamond and started to take control of my own life. I became the rudder that guided me safely along the River of my Life

In my upcoming book, The River of Life, I have mixed all three genres. I love to mix fiction with experiences from myr own life, and it’s always fun for readers to guess what’s real and what’s fiction!

Besides being an author I am also a businesswoman and mother of three. I live in Denmark in a lovely apartment in a new part of Copenhagen overlooking the beautiful canals. I love to travel, experience nature, and meet new people, and I have traveled all over Europe and loves to drive around the US.


My knowledge of women and especially their sexuality is gained from talking to thousands of women over the past more than twenty years, listening to their stories and guiding them to make a few changes in their lives in a way that meets their needs and dreams.

My main target audience is women 30+, but women of all ages and of course men can also benefit from reading my books, following a program or attending one of my presentations.

Removing people from your life doesn't mean you hate them or don't care about them anymore.
It just means that you take responsibility for yourself. If you don't learn the art of letting go,
you lose yourself to the suffering of others, and that serves no one.

This, and the quote below is from  my new t book "The River Of Life - Staying Afloat", which will be released on June 28th.

We move to the next level
by saying no
to things we could do
that don't resonate anymore
and saying yes
to a period
without a view.


Below you will see some of the feelings you may experience in your life after completing my program

Brave - Passionate - Sensual - Sophisticated - Unique - Powerful - Loving - Creative - Courageous - Energetic 
Empowered - Vital - Peaceful - Intense - Elegant - Happy High Status

Many years ago, I learned to connect with my inner diamond and started to take charge of my own life.
I became the rudder that guided me safely along the River of my Life.

All people must follow their journey along the River of Life. And for more than twenty years I have been working
with women and showing them how important it is to feel comfortable with their sexuality.

A woman's sexuality is an important part of who she really is., and is not to be hidden and suppressed,
but used in a way that not only brings out the better in herself, but also in those around her.

Activate the adventurous part of your soul and feel empowered and confident as you
make decisions that will lead you in the right direction along the river of your life

The methods I use are quite simple and can be practiced by everybody. As in all other contexts,
it is an entirely individual process how quickly the results are achieved, but it is better
to take a small step in the right direction than a giant leap in the wrong one!



This review is translated from Danish
A good love story is one of my favorite things and I am very happy that I am one of the first people who got to read the first draft of The River of Life! Fantastic story that I can't wait to immerse myself in as soon as it is published. I loved the shifts from Copenhagen to New York and back to the beautiful scenery by the North Sea

This review is translated from Danish
I had never before realized that everyone follows their own River of Life. But when I first read Hanne's draft of The River of Life, I was completely blown away! I could easily relate to the main character's feelings. I too felt often stuck in a whirlpool without being able to move on on tossed over the edge of a huge waterfall. I look forward to the book being published here shortly. I must definitely secure a signed copy.

This review is translated from Danish
It was a really exciting experience to work with Hanne and experience how she quickly found my core problem. Which was something completely different than I expected it to be. I had three sessions with Hanne and after that I was fully able to continue my journey on my own.

This review is translated from Danish
After a seminar with Hanne, I realized that I had never really understood how to use my feminine power. I decided it was time to change that and already during the first session with Hanne I got some tools that would give me more self-confidence, allowing me to start trusting myself and be able to show the world who I really was.


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Come along on the journey and become

Sexy, Confident and Empowered!